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Mediation Packages
  • Mediation Package #1 is perfect for disputes involving straight-up negotiation.

  • Package # 2 is perfect for individuals/organizations who want to avoid court litigation.

  • Mediation Package #3 is the ideal solution for corporate and business disputes.

  • The mediators can handle your dispute with discretion and expertise.

  • Our neutrals go the extra mile to help all parties find a win-win solution.

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Construction Arbitration Less Than 75K
  • This applies to claims that total below $75,000.

  • Our organization provides parties with two options that apply to paying administrative fees.

  • Each Initial Filing Fee must get paid in full by every filing party.

  • The Flexible Fee Schedule features an Initial Filing Fee.

  • A Final Fee applies to all cases that lead to a first hearing taking place.

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Commercial Arbitration Less Than 75K
  • State-of-the-art commercial arbitration.

  • Standard Fee Schedule process.

  • Flexible Fee Schedule that features an Initial Filing Fee.

  • Fee modifications can take place.

  • Non-monetary claims policy.

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Divorce Mediation Starting at $399
  • Premier divorce mediation starts at $399.

  • Our organization is ready to connect you to a trained, neutral mediator at any time.

  • Advantages of mediating through the services of our organization.

  • Healthy communication is key.

  • Solve all sorts of common custody issues.

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Labor Employment Arbitration Under $25,000
  • Premium labor employment arbitration under $25,000.

  • ADR (alternative dispute resolution) procedures.

  • ADR employment policy.

  • We provide labor employment mediation.

  • Our organization is at the forefront of creating standards of labor employment fairness.

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Employment Arbitration Less Than $25,000
  • Through our administration, you can resolve your employment dispute with ease.

  • Our organization has helped countless employers and employees discover lasting legal solutions.

  • The $750 fee applies to single arbitrator disputes filed by an individual.

  • We can return any filing fee received from an individual.

  • also specializes in administering collective action arbitration.

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Low Cost Mediation
  • Premium, money-saving mediation all across the US.

  • Our association has a first-rate reputation across the United States.

  • Other ADR associations enforce that all mediations must take place in person.

  • is proud to provide clients with access to world-class mediators.

  • can provide pre-mediation calls.

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Divorce Mediation
  • Proud to provide top-rated divorce mediation.

  • Divorce mediation positions you and your spouse to meet with an individual mediator.

  • The central role of each divorce mediator is to put in place a healthy discussion.

  • Our association’s mediation services have a world-class reputation.

  • Our divorce mediation services are always consistent.

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Arbitration Form

Arbitration Form

$ 0.00 only

  • Please fill out the arbitration form below about arbitration that is less than 25k

  • We combine our patented processes with administered panelists and case management

  • Each form connects with specific criteria that could affect your case

  • These templates can get converted into official documents

  • This provision functions as a standard clause

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