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Product Description:

  • Book a mediation appointment for disputes involving straight-up negotiation.
  • Package # 2 is perfect for individuals/organizations who want to avoid court litigation.
  • Mediation Package #3 is the ideal solution for corporate and business disputes.
  • The mediators can handle your dispute with discretion and expertise.
  • Our neutrals go the extra mile to help all parties find a win-win solution.
Mediation Package #1 ($275)

Mediation Package #1 ($275)



Book a mediation appointment at $275 base charge, you won’t find mediation services this cost-effective anywhere else. Mediation Package #1 offered by Arbitration Agreement Association is perfect for disputes involving straight-up negotiation. Countless individuals and parties across the US have used this package. Why? Because it’s positioned them to resolve disputes through fast and simple processes. 


The package is ideal for parties that are ready to negotiate and find solutions and Arbitration Agreement Meaning. ArbitrationAgreements.org can connect you to a skilled mediator. The mediator can help you and the opposing party put your differences aside. As a result, you can resolve your legal issue while avoiding court litigation. If you're looking to save time and money The Arbitration Provision 101, Mediation Package #1 is perfect for you.


Why Choose Mediation Package #1?


Mediation Package #1 has a national reputation for helping settle disputes. Through negotiation, mediation functions as a sure-fire way to avoid US court proceedings. Trust us- you don't want to spend thousands of dollars in court litigation. And through this package, you won’t have to worry about Arbitration vs Litigation. When using a mediator, both parties will have a neutral ear set before them. They can then resolve their disagreement in a private and confidential manner. As a result, you and the opposing party can set forth a legal agreement. Once you do, that Binding Arbitration agreement can protect you from future disputes.


What Type of Legal Situation Is Package #1 For?


Package #1 applies to almost any sort of legal situation or disagreement. Mediation has a strong reputation for benefitting all types of parties. From private family disputes to corporate disagreements. Do you believe that simple negotiation could resolve your problem with another party? If so, Mediation Package #1 is for you as per Federal Arbitration Act.


Through this package, your mediator will serve as the third party. The goal of a mediator is to improve communication between disputing parties. This way, you can use negotiation to settle your dispute and forced arbitration. The mission of ArbitrationAgreements.org is to make mediation easy for you. That’s why we can provide you with a mediator no matter where you're located. 


Mediation Expenses


The base charge of Mediation Package #1 is $275. But keep in mind that this rate does not always include all mediation expenses, insurance arbitration. Charges can arise related to mediator traveling expenses or other mediator expenses. Say that these expenses apply to your mediation experience through Package #1. The expenses will get taken care of in an equal manner by both parties. (Unless a binding agreement states otherwise.) Please view our Mediation Rules for a complete list of potential charges/expenses. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact our association, to know more about Mandatory Arbitration.


This Package Connects You to Mediators With Unparalleled Negotiation Expertise


Mediation Package #1 is your gateway into accessing the most qualified mediators. These mediators excel at facilitating negotiation about every subject under the sun. We will pull a mediator from our panel who can help parties negotiate with ease the arbitration process. Our mediators come from diverse practice areas and backgrounds. As recognized ADR leaders in maintenance mediation, these mediators know all about how to solve problems fast. And the key to doing so is to empower disputing parties to negotiate. Through advanced settlement skills, you can discover a long-term, win-win legal solution.


Mediation Is the Key for Saving Time & Money


There’s no way around it: court litigation eats up time and money. Even resolving simple court disputes arbitration in law can cost thousands of dollars. Plus, these disputes can drag on for many months or even years. That’s why ArbitrationAgreements.org developed Mediation Package #1. At a $275 base charge, you won’t find mediation this cost-effective anywhere else. Our mediators are ready to help provide collaborative and creative solutions. And they can do so no matter what your dispute entails.


Our association arbitration definition understands how important it is to resolve disputes ASAP. And we’ve designed Package #1 to do so for all types of parties. Mediation through an association binding arbitration clause mediator can provide a fast solution that avoids litigation. The goal of Package #1 is to resolve your dispute in only a few hours. And we’ll work in a tireless manner to make this goal a reality for you and your party. We are the US’ premier provider of mediation services. And we’re ready to show you why through the benefits of Package #1.


Questions About Package #1? Call Our Association Now


Please call ArbitrationAgreements.org now arbitral tribunal if you have questions about Mediation Package #1. One of our ADR experts will assess your unique situation and help you find solutions. Say we discover that your legal needs apply to a different association package. We will inform you of such on an immediate basis. Our association looks forward to facilitating your negotiations through Package #1.

Mediation Package #2 ($475)

Mediation Package #2 ($475)



Mediation Package #2 is the premier mid-tier arbitration vs mediation vs litigation package of our association. At a $475 base charge, you won’t find mid-level mediation this cost-effective anywhere else. This package is perfect for individuals/organizations who want to avoid court litigation. After all, the US court system is slow and expensive. This package is the opposite. It allocates at least four hours of mediation with a professional adr arbitration, seasoned mediator. Many disputes can get resolved within this time frame. As a result, you and the opposing party can form a long-term agreement preventing disputes.


Mediation Package #2 Provides Access to the Most Proficient Mediators


Mediation is a simple process. But other organizations make it complicated for their customers. We don’t. ArbitrationAgreements.org final offer arbitration uses the most effective mediation process in the country. This patented process can provide you access to experienced mediators. These mediators know how to resolve all sorts of legal issues. From domestic disagreements to disputes between businesses and advantages of Arbitration over Litigation


Our neutrals go the extra mile to help all parties find a win-win solution. They won’t consider the job done until an effective settlement gets provided. And if that’s what your goal is, then Mediation Package #2 is for you. We’re dedicated full scale arbitration service to streamlining the entire mediation process. From analyzing written statements to executing a settlement agreement. Most associations charge thousands of dollars to access their mediation, arbitration contract services. Instead, the goal of our organization is to provide mediation to everyone. No matter your location or subject matter, this package can exceed your expectations.


What To Expect During Your Mediation Session


ArbitrationAgreements.org mediators focus on listening to all perspectives. They do so through using their exceptional interpersonal skills, check out Arbitration Clause Sample. These mediators can assess party dynamics and establish rapport in an ultra-fast manner. This way, they can focus on the exact issues in your dispute. Plus, they will determine what could motivate every party arbitration hearing to settle their differences. Our mediators will only make candid observations when appropriate. And they will overcome impasse through helping both parties reduce risks.


Package #2 is your ticket toward collaborative, creative legal solutions. Our mediators tailor their approach to focus on the facts within every case. This way, parties can preserve ongoing relationships and mutual interests. These mediators never go through the motions. Instead, they go the extra mile to ensure that all voices get heard. Then, they consider all reasonable prospects related to a settlement. The basis of Package #2 is simple. ArbitrationAgreements.org, mandatory arbitration clauses mediators guide parties toward resolution. And they do so at a rate that you won’t find anywhere else.


The Cost of the Mediation


Mediation Package #2 features a $475 base change for our mediation services. The charge for creating a filing is $200. If you select this package, the mediator will allocate four hours of his or her time mutual agreement. A longer period of time will lead to extra charges in an appropriate manner. Say that you need to file in court. The base charge for filing in court is $95. Plus, our association will charge state filing costs. The terms of these costs depend on where you are. Keep in mind that charges like these do not get calculated into the $475 base charge. Please read our Mediation Rules for a complete list of references to charges. If you have questions about the cost of mediation, cost of arbitration, do not hesitate to contact us.


Mediation Package #2 Is an Affordable & Efficient ADR Solution


Our affordable mediator hearing formats have no limitations. Through Package #2, you and the opposing party can meet with a mediator for four hours. That should give you ample time to discover a win-win solution for your dispute, employment arbitration benefits. Day after day, ArbitrationAgreements.org mediators demonstrate exceptional abilities. Their key focus is always on resolving cases in a prompt and efficient manner. As a result, you and all parties can receive significant savings of time and money.


Call Us Now To Learn More About the Benefits of This Package


Do you have questions about Mediation Package #2 of arbitration rules? If so, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call. Our ADR experts are ready to let you know what this game-changing package can do. It’s helped countless parties settle their legal disagreements. And we’re ready to do so for you at any time. You're also welcome to send us an email or leave a message on our website. Our team looks forward to helping you find solutions through the power of mediation labor arbitration.

Mediation Package #3 ($899)

Mediation Package #3 ($899)



Mediation Package #3 is the ideal solution for corporate and business disputes. Through corporate mediation, you and your company can avoid arbitration and litigation, and how long does arbitration take. Or, mediation can prepare you to excel at either legal process. The base charge of this premium package is only $899. No other association in the US provides corporate ADR services at a cost this low. 


With this package, you and the opposing parties can access first-rate oral hearings. Each hearing will get presided over by a professional, seasoned mediator. Our mediators will go the extra mile to help find a long-term, cost-effective solution. This package has benefitted local businesses and major corporations alike. And ArbitrationAgreements.org is ready to benefit your organization today to know basics of union arbitration.


Package #3 Is Perfect for Resolving Internal or External Legal Conflicts


The focus of Package #3 is to resolve internal and external legal conflicts. Through corporate and business mediation, our goal is to help you find a lasting solution. Oftentimes, a legal conflict takes place when parties feel they aren’t heard. Or, one party might not feel appreciated. That’s why mediation is a top-tier resolution tool. 


A neutral mediator does not have any emotional investment toward a dispute. He or she can get to the heart of your legal matter through facilitating discussions. These discussions will focus on how to resolve your unique dispute. Then, the mediator can help you and the other party work out every single disagreement. As a result, you can walk away with a win-win solution in place.


Save Your Company’s Time & Money Through This Package


Trust us. You do not want to invest your time and money into US court litigation. Why? Because corporate litigation can take years and tens of thousands of dollars. Plus, it creates stress and anxiety for all parties. Mediation has the opposite effect. It provides a neutral, relaxed environment that encourages healthy communication. And our mediators know how to facilitate ideal conversations between parties. 


No matter what’s at stake, our mediators know how to steer all negotiations. Their focus is to provide parties and companies with positive results. So, save your time and money. How so? Instead of going to court, go with the best mediation package in the country. And that package is Mediation Package #3.


Why Mediation for Your Corporate or Business Dispute?


Sure, mediation functions as a non-adversarial dispute resolution approach. But it’s also the most cost-effective alternative to court litigation. Business legal battles can drain a company of money and resources. Through mediation, your organization can only pay for session time. (Plus small fees like paperwork.) Say that you and the opposing party agree to terms on a settlement. That settlement will then have legal binding status. This way, you can protect both your company’s present and future endeavors. 


There’s a reason corporate mediation continues to grow in popularity every year. Businesses are realizing that litigation is the problem more than the solution. So, what’s the solution for your company? We recommend that it be Mediation Package #3. It’s tailor-made to resolve all sorts of business disputes.


The Cost of Mediation


Our base charge for using Mediation Package #3 is $899. But keep in mind that some extra charges might apply. Here is an example. Our preparation of paperwork charge is $95. ArbitrationAgreements.org might also have to charge a potential filing fee. Plus, there are state fees. The exact amount of a state fee depends on your exact location. Please read our Mediation Rules (and other sections of our website) to learn more about fees. If you have questions, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call our association.


No Matter How Complex Your Legal Dispute Is, Package #3 Can Provide Solutions


We know how much time and energy you invest in your business. That’s why we’ve crafted Package #3 to solve corporate problems ASAP. Sure, disputes can seem intimidating and overwhelming. But through our mediation services, you can resolve any type of legal issue. Our mediation experts will give your case their utmost, paramount attention. This way, the mediators can handle your dispute with discretion and expertise. 


There’s no limit to the types of corporate and business disputes this package can resolve. From construction to employment to insurance to financial disputes. Package #3 has helped resolve countless cases, many of them very complex. We’re ready to convert the legal problems of your company into long-term winning outcomes. Our mediation team won’t rest until you and your colleagues have peace of mind.

Our ADR professionals are standing by to answer your questions about this package. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We can assess your unique legal needs and help you discover the most ideal solutions. Say goodbye to having to worry about years of potential court litigation. And welcome to a future of business prosperity, thanks to Mediation Package #3.







Questions About Mediation Package #3? Contact Us at Any Time




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