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Arbitration Agreements Associations.

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Product Description:

  • We are a nationwide solution for businesses and individuals involved in legal disputes
  • No matter the location of your party, our company is here for you at all times
  • Like our in-person hearings, ArbitrationAgreements.org virtual hearings draw rave reviews
  • Arbitration presents big-time advantages for parties from all sectors and industries
  • Scheduling delays are common
The Number One Arbitration Company

The Number One Arbitration Company

Here at ArbitrationAgreements.org, we are more than a top-rated arbitration company. We are a nationwide solution for businesses and individuals involved in legal disputes. Through our roster of over 150 arbitrators, your party is in safe hands. It will receive fair, cost-effective treatment at all times. You are welcome to sign up for up to 20k worth of coverage today. If your dispute terms exceed that coverage, please contact us. Our ADR experts look forward to resolving your disagreement ASAP.


Arbitral Services That Get Fast Results


Our association focuses on three key factors through all our arbitral services. They are: speed, efficiency, and results. We take pride in saving clients time and money, even if a legal dispute gets complicated. Plus, we institute many custom, procedural options into every arbitration filing. This way, your party can craft a process that is commensurate with the disagreement. Other arbitration companies will only go through the motions. Instead, our arbitration team and services go the extra mile. We are never satisfied until our clients feel satisfied.

National Reach With Local Solutions

National Reach With Local Solutions

No matter the location of your party, our company is here for you at all times. We facilitate top-rated legal solutions to individuals and businesses in every state. Our goal is simple. We aim to resolve all types of disputes through cost-effective, efficient processes. As an impartial administrator, our team assists parties by helping them overcome barriers. Your dispute might remain at a specific stage of conflict right now. Through our solutions, we’re prepared to convert the conflict into a long-term result. Our dispute resolution services are versatile. We can provide in-person, hybrid, virtual, and customized arbitration. Each arbitration process features the latest technology and first-class client service.


In-Person Hearings Are Back


We're pleased to announce that most in-person hearings have resumed across the US. Many hearing rooms became shut down on a temporary basis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, states and cities have taken a phased-in approach to reopening. If you prefer an in-person hearing, our team will help you find the closest facility. Plus, we can also provide virtual and hybrid arbitration hearings. Visit our Resource Center for the latest updates related to the COVID-19 pandemic.


State-of-the-Art Virtual Hearings

State-of-the-Art Virtual Hearings

Like our in-person hearings, ArbitrationAgreements.org virtual hearings draw rave reviews. They position parties to resolve their legal disputes from any location. Plus, our team is always improving the virtual arbitration hearing experience. Please feel free to view our guides and resources related to virtual ADR hearings. This way, parties can have a smoother experience throughout the arbitration process.


How the Arbitral Process Functions


Here is how the ArbitrationAgreements.org arbitration process begins. The claimant will file a demand for arbitration through our association. Next, the opposing party can file a response to the claim. Each party will have a say in selecting the arbitrator(s), who will preside over the dispute. The neutral arbitrator(s) will listen to arguments and assess relevant evidence. Some parties also opt to have witnesses testify. Then, the hearing process is complete. An arbitrator will issue an award that affects both parties and resolves the dispute. Cases in US court litigation can drag on for years. But many arbitrated disputes become resolved after only a few days or weeks.

The Advantages of Arbitrating Dispute

The Advantages of Arbitrating Dispute

Arbitration presents big-time advantages for parties from all sectors and industries. The alternative dispute resolution process encourages healthy communication. Parties get encouraged to work together in a peaceful manner. They receive a platform to structure a long-term resolution that addresses all disagreements. Courtroom litigation is not the same. It creates anger and hostility amongst parties. Instead, arbitration prevents any sort of negativity. Plus, arbitration is less formal than litigation and so much more flexible. It serves as a faster and more cost-effective process for resolving legal disputes. The act of resolving disputes in arbitration is confidential and private. Almost all subject matter gets guaranteed to stay off the public record of a party.

Courtroom trial scheduling

Courtroom trial scheduling is a nightmare. Scheduling delays are common and can last many months. Unlike court trials, arbitration proceedings get scheduled based on the needs of parties. This flexibility provides the parties with peace of mind as they arbitrate. The arbitration process also features simple rules of procedure and evidence. This prevents parties from delaying proceedings or using game-playing tactics. An arbitrator will keep hearings moving in an efficient, relaxed manner. Speaking of the arbitrator, parties often have an equal say in selecting arbitrators. This way, they can choose someone with relevant industry and subject matter expertise. As a result, the rendered arbitration award becomes appropriate and accurate


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