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What we do

We help a mutual arbitration agreement get process with an arbitrator. 

Before the arbitration process moves forward, parties must agree to arbitrate a dispute. That’s where an arbitration agreement comes into play. This legal agreement often gets signed before a dispute begins. Most arbitration agreements are only a few sentences long. You can find them in a contract or arbitration clause. The terms will appear under headings like “Dispute Resolution” and “Arbitration.”

An arbitration agreement will state that disputes must get resolved through binding arbitration. It might also address certain arbitration rules and who can serve as an arbitrator. If you want to protect yourself from the public court, it’s best to use an arbitration agreement. Our business can help companies and people execute each agreement fast. This way, they can take a legal step to start preventing court system conflict ASAP.

I cannot thank the Arbitration Agreement Association enough. They ensured my business has all consumers sign contracts containing an arbitration clause. Each employee that worked with me is a true legal expert. They designed a simple agreement with the right articles and information. Now I don't have to worry about court costs and hiring a lawyer. Plus, their employees send me information whenever a new law affects my agreement.

Our Mission

Our Mission Is To Help Every Employer & Individual Avoid Court Costs Through Arbitration.

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The Arbitration Agreement Association has one clear mission. It’s to help every business and individual succeed through arbitration. We can do so by helping you draft an arbitration agreement. It’s the best way to discover a fast resolution for almost any type of dispute. With arbitration, you can avoid spending a lot of money and time in the US court system. Instead, you can start asserting your legal rights to settle any form of disagreement.

It can take years in any US court to resolve a dispute. That’s why it’s best to have every employee and customer sign an agreement. An arbitration agreement provides full-scale legal protection. It ensures that your business or personal dispute can get settled by an arbitrator. The arbitration hearing process sometimes only takes one day. Plus, arbitration decisions have binding status. 

This means each decision can’t get appealed in a US court. Our experts look forward to helping you get world-class help through arbitration.

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