Pre Dispute Arbitration Clause, Post Dispute Arbitration

Pre Dispute Arbitration Clause

Pre Dispute Arbitration Clause: The Basics of Arbitration Clauses & Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreements


“Pre dispute arbitration clause” and “pre dispute arbitration agreement” are the same concept. Both terms function as a contractual agreement made by two parties. The agreements get signed by both parties before any problems take place. Here is what the average pre dispute arbitration clause states. It demands that parties must settle legal disputes through binding arbitration. Thus, binding arbitration replaces the US court system process. Please visit the Arbitration Association for more information.

Of course, always consult with a lawyer before signing an arbitration agreement. And also before you provide an agreement to another party. If you have specific questions about arbitration clauses, please call our organization today. Now, let’s continue going over the basics of arbitration agreements and clauses.


The Average Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreement & Arbitration Clause


A pre-dispute arbitration agreement or clause functions as an official legal document. One or both parties create the agreement/clause and insert it into a contract. They do so to have a defined process in place if a legal dispute happens. So, what does an agreement or clause mandate? It states that potential disputes of parties cannot go through the US court system. Instead, defined conflicts must get resolved through binding arbitration. You’re welcome to learn about the differences between mediation and arbitration.

You’ll find arbitration clauses present in many contracts related to business transactions. Countless cell phone providers and insurance companies use clauses and agreements. In fact, almost any business or corporation uses pre dispute clauses. They want all their customers signing arbitration agreements to avoid litigation. Companies sometimes even make other businesses sign them when doing business together. Also, please visit: Arbitration vs Litigation.

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Pre arbitration agreement


How Binding Arbitration Functions Like a State or Federal Court


Say that two parties have an agreement in place to arbitrate a dispute. That agreement will always get enforced by any US court. Very few exceptions exist for this crucial legal concept. Parties entered into a pre-dispute arbitration agreement cannot sue one another. Instead, they must go to arbitration hearings presided by an arbitrator. (Or, a three-person panel of arbitrators.) An arbitrator functions as an independent third party. He or she listens to arguments that both sides present during each hearing. The arbitrator also reviews evidence. Arbitration proceedings function in the same manner as a court trial.

There is one key difference between arbitration and court litigation. Arbitration, whether binding or non-binding, is less formal. Once an arbitrator hears all information, a decision must take place. The arbitrator will provide a binding decision that affects both parties. Except under rare conditions, the arbitral decision cannot get appealed in court. This “binding” concept makes arbitration stand out from other ADR methods. (ADR refers to alternative dispute resolution.) Here is an example. In mediation, a mediator can only make suggestions on how to resolve a dispute. The mediator can never enforce that parties must agree to terms. It’s up to the disputing parties to agree to a decision or walk away. But through arbitration, parties cannot appeal a binding decision.


More About an Arbitration Agreement & Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreements


Keep in mind that arbitration is only one type of legal ADR mechanism. But it’s the most popular form of ADR and also provides the most benefits. Many businesses and individuals prefer arbitration over mediation. That’s because a mediator can only attempt to create an agreement between parties. Meanwhile, an arbitrator will decide a case based on any pre-written clause/agreement. Mediation can never prevent a consumer from bringing a case to any US court.

There are different types of arbitration, such as non-binding arbitration. But you won’t find non-binding arbitration clauses in contracts and agreements. Why? Well, say that arbitration isn’t binding. In that case, an arbitrator’s decision only serves as a suggestion. Parties do not have to agree to accept the terms of a non-binding decision. Business contracts focus on “mandatory arbitration” or “forced arbitration.” Both terms have the same definition. They refer to binding arbitration that two parties accept through a contract/agreement.

A mandatory pre dispute arbitration agreement serves as a contract provision. This agreement (or clause) gets agreed upon before a claim or dispute happens. Say that parties sign a contract with a mandatory agreement to arbitrate. And months later, a legal conflict takes place. The parties cannot take any claims to court. Instead, they must take part in the binding arbitration process. Many consumers sign forced arbitration agreements without even realizing that they have.

That’s because companies insert small pre dispute clauses into large-sized contracts. Oftentimes, a consumer doesn’t realize what agreeing to an arbitration clause entails. The consumer forfeits the right to settle a dispute inside a courtroom.

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What Should Be Contained in an Arbitration Clause?

Pre Dispute Arbitration vs Arbitration in Post Disputes


Now that you know what pre dispute arbitration refers to, let’s go over post dispute arbitration. Sometimes disputing parties will create a post dispute arbitration clause or agreement. This takes place when a dispute has already happened. This way, the parties can submit the dispute to arbitration instead of US courts. Pre dispute clauses and agreements are a lot more common. Why? Because once a dispute takes place, one party will often want to go to court. The opposite party must then coax that party into agreeing to arbitrate. Waiving access to the public court system is not an easy transition for many people. Learn more about what an arbitration provision is.


We Can Provide Parties With a Sample Predispute Arbitration Agreement


Are you or your business considering drafting a pre dispute arbitration clause/agreement? If so, our organization can provide you with sample clauses containing legal wording. Or, our experts can even draft a clause or agreement on your behalf. Getting started with this process is simple and easy. All you’ve got to do is call our organization at any time. One of our dedicated staff members will take care of your arbitration-related needs. You’re also welcome to browse the sample clauses featured on our website. This way, you and your business can prepare a clause or agreement with legal protection.


What Is Pre Dispute Arbitration for a Customer?


Pre dispute arbitration functions as a common legal process. It focuses on a dispute getting settled by one or more arbitrators. The arbitrators will decide the outcome of claims instead of a jury in a courtroom. “Pre dispute” refers to a party agreeing to arbitrate in the future if a dispute takes place. You can find a pre-dispute arbitration clause or agreement in companies’ contracts. Once signed, the clauses and agreements become binding to US arbitration law. Each contract must then get upheld at the state and federal levels. This way, legal action in court will not take place. Even the US Supreme Court has upheld the right for these clauses to existing. The Supreme Court refers to terms within the Federal Arbitration Act. Also you’re welcome to learn more about what an arbitral tribunal is.


Can I Sue If I Signed an Arbitration Agreement?


No, a party cannot sue if it entered into an arbitration agreement with binding status. This refers to any contract featuring a pre or post dispute clause for arbitration. The purpose of binding arbitration is to prevent court litigation from resolving claims. In fact, arbitration’s the number one alternative to filing a lawsuit.


Can Binding Arbitration Be Overturned?


No. Through binding arbitration, the decision of an arbitrator becomes final. It cannot even get reviewed by a court. But there is one single exception to keep in mind. A binding arbitration decision can get reviewed if there’s evidence of fraud. Or, if an arbitrator engaged in misconduct. That evidence must appear obvious. Otherwise, any binding arbitration decision gets finalized by US courts ASAP. Through non-binding arbitration, any party can reject the award and decision. Then, a party can demand that a court trial take place. But you almost never will find a non-binding clause in an agreement or contract.


Who Pays for the Arbitration Cost?


Most of the time, disputing parties split the cost of arbitration in a 50/50 manner. This applies to more than only the cost of service for each arbitrator. Parties also split the costs of abeyance fees, hearing room fees, and more. Think of it as a standard class-action status lawsuit process. But any pre-dispute clause can enforce that parties must pay certain costs. Some companies even state that they will pay for the majority of arbitration costs. This way, they prevent consumers from lashing out. When it comes to legal costs like attorney fees, parties almost always pay their own way. But you can place any arbitration cost set-up that you’d like inside an agreement or clause. Read more about what a mandatory arbitration provision is.


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Our experts are standing by to answer your arbitration questions. They know all about pre-dispute arbitration clauses. And our professionals can do more than provide basic information. They’re ready to take action with class and dignity. We can do it all- from sending you sample clauses to helping you draft an agreement. All you’ve got to do is call us and tell our experts what you have in mind. Or, you’re welcome to email us or message us on this website. We look forward to serving as your go-to resource for all types of arbitration and ADR. Also, you’re welcome to read about interest arbitration.