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Product Description:

  • Premium, money-saving mediation all across the US.
  • Our association has a first-rate reputation across the United States.
  • Other ADR associations enforce that all mediations must take place in person.
  • ArbitrationAgreements.org is proud to provide clients with access to world-class mediators.
  • ArbitrationAgreements.org can provide pre-mediation calls.
Low Cost Mediation

Low Cost Mediation

If your party is in need of low cost mediation, you've come to the right spot. ArbitrationAgreements.org provides premium, money-saving mediation all across the US. Our mediation services extend to individuals and businesses alike. No matter the legal challenge that you face, we know that the mediation can lead to a fast solution.


Unlike other associations, our mediation programs are for all sectors of business. Plus, we provide state-of-the-art mediation services for all types of private legal matters. Mediation is a great opportunity to settle any type of case. While doing so, you can reduce your expenses without sacrificing quality. Many of our clients resolve their disputes after only a few days. Even if your dispute lasts longer, you can still expect to save money and time. After all, court litigation can drag on for months and even years. That’s never the case with mediation. It is fast, to-the-point, and painless. Not to mention, the settlement rate of our world-class mediators is very high. Each mediator has a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience. They know how to position parties to resolve their disputes ASAP.

Why Choose ArbitrationAgreements.org?

Why Choose ArbitrationAgreements.org?

Our association has a first-rate reputation across the United States. We’ve spent years tailoring and refining our mediation and ADR programs. Today, countless disputing parties turn to us to help resolve their disputes. They know that our low cost services have the highest value in the nation. We put a great deal of consideration into each panel mediator that we appoint. All our mediators meet the highest standards of mediating diverse cases. From divorces to high-profile civil cases. Plus, we ensure that each mediator on our roster has extensive mediation training. Our association's mediators commit to act within the highest ethical standards. They pledge to serve as neutrals without conflict of interest applied to any case.


Online Mediations

Online Mediations

Other ADR associations enforce that all mediations must take place in-person. But not us. ArbitrationAgreements.org can provide Zoom-certified online mediations. This way, each member of a party can experience ultimate convenience and safety. Of course, we can also provide face-to-face mediations if that is what you prefer. But we recommend that you consider taking part in our top-rated online programs. Like our in-person mediations, these online sessions are also low-cost and highly ranked. Online mediation will connect your party to some of the best mediators in the country. Each online mediator's certified, qualified, and has undergone years of training.


Our Mediators Provide Second-to-None Neutral Expertise

Our Mediators Provide Second-to-None Neutral Expertise

ArbitrationAgreements.org is proud to provide clients with access to world class mediators. Sure, our mediators are qualified. But they also have a reputation for going the extra mile. They won’t rest until plenty of intelligent attempts take place to find a resolution. Our mediation panel features many respected judges. These judges come from diverse state, federal, and appellate backgrounds. Plus, our mediator roster also features former attorneys and litigators. Like our judges, these legal experts originated in all sorts of practice areas. As national leaders in ADR, our mediators have strong business and legal acumen. But they also have first-rate credibility and advanced settlement skills. As a result, these mediators know how to resolve the most complex and contentious matters.

Pre-Session Calls

Unlike most other organizations, ArbitrationAgreements.org can provide pre-mediation calls. These calls, on behalf of our mediators, help position parties to succeed. The calls can go over how to construct a custom mediation process. This way, the mediator  can tailor a unique system for resolving your dispute. These calls can also go over who should attend each session and when mediations begin. One of our mediators can also address how to exchange information between parties. Plus, a mediator can provide recommendations related to opening statements. These calls also help parties communicate any issues a mediator should know about. Our pre-session call services function as an example of how we go the extra mile. The calls position disputing parties to resolve their disputes faster. This way, they can save time and money.


We’re Ready To Facilitate Your Dispute


You are only one phone call away from facilitating low cost, high quality mediation. Each of our mediation services can save you money while preserving your relationships. Your party won’t find a low-cost conflict resolution method this advanced elsewhere. Please feel free to give us a call right now with any questions. Our ADR experts are standing by to tell you more about our mediation services. Within minutes, they can provide a realistic estimate of the costs. You’re also welcome to browse our website to learn more about mediation. Remember, even the toughest legal disagreement can get resolved through a mediator. Our ADR experts won’t rest until your party receives the informed legal help that it needs.


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