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Product Description:

  • Our world-class resolution services are for every type of business or individual
  • Every arbitration and mediation service that we provide will save you two things
  • ArbitrationAgreements.org specializes in resolving all sorts of legal disputes
  • Business-to-business disputes can get ugly in traditional courtroom litigation
  • We now provide alternative dispute resolution in every state
Resolution Services

Resolution Services

Our world-class resolution services are for every type of business or individual. We are the premier full-service alternative dispute resolution (ADR) firm. Through our services, we provide full-scale arbitration and mediation. Plus, our ADR team can also supply discovery references. No matter what dispute resolution process your party needs, we’re ready to assist. Our roster of neutrals comprises many former federal and state court judges. It also features accomplished attorney-neutrals with diverse subject matter experience. That experience applies to every single area of US federal and state law.


As an ADR firm, we have a simple goal in mind. It is to provide clients with significant personalized attention. We have access to state-of-the-art conflict resolution facilities across the country. Not to mention, we can also provide virtual and hybrid arbitration and mediation. Our experts are ready to guide you through your case from start to finish. Today’s business and personal environments are changing at a rapid pace. That’s why it’s crucial to solve legal conflicts in an efficient and constructive manner. Through ArbitrationAgreements.org, you can begin doing so today.

Simple & Cost-Effective ADR Solutions

Simple & Cost-Effective ADR Solutions

Every arbitration and mediation service that we provide will save you two things. They are: time and money. Beginning your online or in-person ADR experience has never been more convenient. You can go ahead and register on our secure website at no cost. Through secure encryption, we will not allow unauthorized users to access your information. Next, all you've got to do is file an arbitration or mediation claim. Either way, your party will get on the fast-track toward resolving differences. Plus, our ADR processes are 100 percent private. You and the opposing party won’t even have to enter a public courtroom.


Our ADR team will oversee your entire online and in-person ADR experience. From selecting the right neutrals to scheduling hearings. You and your party are never in this alone. Instead, ArbitrationAgreements.org is with you every step of the way. We cannot wait for you to access our roster of decorated, accomplished neutrals. Our arbitration team features attorneys from all sorts of specific practice areas. They have hundreds of years of combined experience when it comes to arbitrating. Every professional associated with our firm goes the extra mile. We only associate ourselves with ADR experts that have subject matter expertise.

We Handle Disputes Between Individuals & Businesses

We Handle Disputes Between Individuals & Businesses

ArbitrationAgreements.org specializes in resolving all sorts of legal disputes. Disputes between businesses and individuals are no exception. Oftentimes, these disagreements involve financial transactions. No matter the subject matter, our mission is to help the parties receive a fair solution. That’s why we recommend considering taking part in binding arbitration. It’s a great outlet for parties to solve unique legal conflicts. Plus, individuals and companies can avoid spending money and time in court. 

Our Services Solve Disagreements Between Businesses

Our Services Solve Disagreements Between Businesses

Business-to-business disputes can get ugly in traditional courtroom litigation. That’s why more companies are realizing the power that arbitration holds. Many disputes between businesses involve outstanding claims and receivables. This can lead to a negative effect on the financial health of any organization. Plus, a lot of small business disputes never get resolved. That’s because of all the time and costs that litigation entails. But fear not. Our association's prepared to help your business.  


We’re standing by to provide an affordable, simple solution through arbitration. You can’t afford to allow your disagreement to wind up in courts and lawsuits. But any company can afford to use our services. ArbitrationAgreements.org is the number one litigation alternative. Businesses across the US depend on us to resolve even the most complicated disputes. No matter what your disagreement involves, we know that arbitration can solve it. 

About Us

ArbitrationAgreements.org exists for one simple reason. We want to revolutionize the way all types of legal disputes get resolved. Our team’s done so by combining advanced technology with experienced professionals. Our ADR staff has developed an ideal conflict resolution environment. As a result, we now provide alternative dispute resolution in every state. No matter your location, you can access our mediation and binding arbitration services. We encourage you to browse our website to learn more about our one-of-a-kind services.


We’re Your Partner in Resolving Legal Conflict 


Our association provides the highest level of ADR quality in the nation. We combine our quality with an emphasis on efficiency and integrity. This way, our dispute resolution services can help anyone succeed. We’re ready to connect you to experienced arbitrators and mediators at any moment. Each ADR professional will go the extra mile to ensure neutrality and fairness. Without question, our flexible dispute resolution solutions can fit your unique needs. 


Through unparalleled standards of client service, our ADR team delivers state-of-the-art case management. We will always operate at the intersection of extreme value and distinctive quality. If you have questions about our top-rated services, please give us a call at any time. Our professional staff cannot wait to answer your questions. We’re ready to bring a resolution to any conflict that you or your business is experiencing.


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