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Product Description:

  • Proud to provide top-rated divorce mediation.
  • Divorce mediation positions you and your spouse to meet with an individual mediator.
  • The central role of each divorce mediator is to put in place a healthy discussion.
  • Our association’s mediation services have a world-class reputation.
  • Our divorce mediation services are always consistent.
Divorce Mediation Cost

Divorce Mediation Cost

ArbitrationAgreements.org is proud to provide top-rated divorce mediation. Through mediation, you and your spouse can resolve your differences without litigation. Due to not needing to go to court, you'll have the ability to save tons of money and time. Most couples view divorce mediation as the ideal alternative to court litigation. Our association's prepared to begin your divorce mediation process right now. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call or contact our ADR experts.

The Basics of Mediations

The Basics of Mediations

Divorce mediation positions you and your spouse to meet with an individual mediator. The mediator will have undergone significant training and always remain neutral. A key role of a mediator is to assist parties in discussing and resolving all issues. This way, fast progress can take place that leads to a divorce. Most mediation sessions take place in informal settings. But ArbitrationAgreements.org also can provide online divorce mediation.


Your mediator will help you and your spouse discover an ideal, intelligent agreement. The agreement will outline all major issues that you and your spouse sought to resolve. Then, before you know it, your divorce can get finalized by law. Common divorce mediation issues include property division, child support, and child custody. Please note that mediators never make legal decisions on behalf of one or both spouses. In fact, the role of a mediator isn’t even to provide legal advice. Instead, mediators function as informed facilitators. They help each spouse decide what is best for the unique situation. Say that you and your spouse reach an agreement by way of divorce mediation. A mediator can then draft an official settlement agreement for your divorce. Depending on your state, a mediator can file the settlement agreement on your behalf.


What Role Does a Mediator Have?

What Role Does a Mediator Have?

The central role of each divorce mediator is to put in place a healthy discussion. This type of discussion is not between a spouse and mediator. Instead, mediators ensure that each spouse discusses crucial matters with the other spouse. Mediators will also assist with open dialogue and healthy communication. You can count on every mediator to provide both suggestions and helpful information. Since all our mediators go through advanced training, they're prepared for any situation. Each mediator will only draft an agreement that is fair to both spouses. If spouses have children, a mediator will ensure their best interests get represented. 

Why Mediate Through ArbitrationAgreements.org?

Why Mediate Through ArbitrationAgreements.org?

Our association’s mediation services have a world-class reputation. And our divorce mediation division is no exception. Unlike other organizations, we care so much about the well-being of each client. That is why we ensure that our roster of mediators has in-depth training and experience. Each mediator knows the ins and outs of state federal divorce laws like no one else. They're standing by to convert their knowledge and experience into solutions for you.


There are countless advantages when mediating your divorce through our association. One major advantage is the low costs involved. Say that you choose to litigate and fight it out with your spouse in court. Even a slight amount of time doing so will cost a lot of money. Plus, court litigation cases can drag on for years. Since mediation is faster, it is also cheaper. Another key advantage of mediation is that settlements are full-scale rather than partial. The purpose of each settlement is to address all issues related to a specific divorce. As a result, parties can walk away from mediation with a sense of relief. In fact, the goal of our association is to bring peace and prosperity to all disputing spouses. So, why do our clients feel so peaceful? One reason is because of the confidential nature of arbitration. You can rest assured that there is not a public record of what goes on within the sessions.

What To Expect During the Process

Here’s some good news. The divorce mediation process of ArbitrationAgreements.org is simple and easy. Sure, each mediator will have a unique style. But the process of our divorce mediation services is always consistent. Before mediation, it’s best to speak to the mediator on a direct basis. This way, you can provide information about your marriage and all pressing issues. Sometimes a mediator will have you fill out a series of basic questions. You can also create a mediation statement. The statement will outline the issues that you need to get resolved. Expect your mediator to have you sign an agreement. The agreement will state that you pledge to keep communication in mediation private.


Say that you choose to do in-person mediation instead of online divorce mediation. Most mediation sessions will take place in a comfortable office or conference room. Your mediator might want you and your spouse to sit in the same room at all times. Other mediators prefer to meet with spouses on a separate basis. This way, discussions will remain private. You are welcome to have an attorney present in the room with you, but that is not a rule by any means. The next step is to go over the issues that you and your spouse agree and disagree about. It is best to have an open mind and consider compromising on some issues. Listening is also crucial. Try to listen to (and understand) where your spouse is coming from. If both of you have this mindset, the odds of a successful settlement will increase. Remember, no matter your unique situation, you are not in this alone. The ArbitrationAgreements.org staff is here to assist you at any moment. We look forward to providing you with the best divorce mediation in the country.


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