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Arbitrate in a Sentence

How To Use Arbitrate in a Sentence


If you need to see the word “arbitrate” in a sentence, please scroll down. Listed below are thirty examples of using arbitrate in a sentence. Keep in mind that the main definition of arbitrate means “to settle.” This often references resolving a dispute that two groups or people have. In fact, the job of an arbitrator or arbiter is to help settle a dispute. When you arbitrate, you submit a conflict to an arbitrator or arbiter. That person then makes a decision that settles the disagreement.

Synonyms for “arbitrate” include “settle,” “umpire,” “negotiate,” and “referee.” Some people believe that “mediate” functions as a synonym for arbitrate. It can in a casual manner. But it’s best to often avoid using mediate as a synonym for arbitrate. That’s because mediation and arbitration are two unique legal concepts. Now, let’s go over twenty examples of using arbitrate in a sentence.

Arbitrate in a Sentence example
Arbitrate in a Sentence like A committee will arbitrate between management and unions


20 Examples of Arbitrate in a Sentence


1. I’ve gotten tasked to arbitrate the dispute between opposing sides.

2. The new committee can arbitrate between employers and new-hires.

3. An arbitral tribunal can arbitrate all sorts of disputes.

4. I’m not the right person to arbitrate on this topic.

5. We must find a person that can arbitrate between these opposing parties.

6. We formed a committee to arbitrate between cell phone companies and customers.

7. The United Nations has the power to arbitrate many international conflicts.

8. She should not arbitrate because she doesn’t have enough arbitration experience.

9. He can teach you how to arbitrate between unions and companies.

10. This arbitral tribunal can arbitrate almost any type of dispute.

11. An outside organization got brought in to arbitrate the escalating conflict.

12. Let’s try to arbitrate like civilized people.

13. The Supreme Court might someday arbitrate this dispute between states.

14. Many insurance companies make customers arbitrate disputes instead of filing lawsuits.

15. This commission wants to arbitrate a resolution before putting a decision in place

16. The emperor tried to arbitrate between claimants to the kingdom.

17. We brought in experienced lawyers to arbitrate but they could not work together.

18. A local judge seeks to arbitrate between essential workers and grocery store owners.

19. Do you want me to arbitrate your dispute next week?

20. Where can we arbitrate this disagreement?



What Does It Mean To Arbitrate?


Arbitrate refers to the legal concept of arbitration process. Arbitration functions as a private process under US law. It’s where disputing parties agree to resolve their differences. One or several individuals then arbitrate the dispute. These people get referred to as “arbitrators.” Read also Mandatory Arbitration

An arbitrator reviews evidence and listens to arguments. Then, the arbitrator makes a binding decision and gives an award to a party. Arbitration is a very different concept than mediation. That’s because an arbitrator can make a lasting decision about a dispute. The decision applies to US law even if one or both parties disagree. Mediators can only make non-binding suggestions. Read here: Binding Arbitration Definition


What Is a Sentence for Confer?


“Confer” is a verb that means to grant or bestow something. Here is a sentence serving as an example. “The organization will now confer your official membership.” The word can also mean to exchange opinions or have discussions. Here’s a sentence that references this second definition. “The President will confer with NATO before making a decision.”


Are Arbitrators Lawyers?


An arbitrator does not have to work as a lawyer. But many arbitrators are lawyers. That’s because most lawyers have experience with civil, commercial and contractual law. But sometimes an arbitrator is someone without a law degree. Instead, an arbitrator can function as a person with relevant work experience. That experience must apply to the specific conflict in an arbitrated dispute. Visit Forced Arbitration


What Does “Arbitrate Claims” Mean in the English Dictionary?


When you arbitrate claims, you resolve any type of conflict through arbitration. This takes place after two parties enter into an arbitration agreement. The agreement functions as a contract where parties give up the right to sue. Or, the parties cannot bring specific claims to a US court. Instead, they have to resolve the claims in an official arbitration proceeding. Arbitration is almost always cheaper and faster than going through courtroom litigation. Read here Arbitration vs Litigation


8 Examples of “Arbitrated” in a Sentence


1. The Vice President arbitrated between Russia and China in an international dispute.

2. Many kings in world history arbitrated between claimants to the royal throne.

3. She arbitrated on behalf of the corporation in a dispute with independent contractors.

4. The Los Angeles City Council arbitrated rent increases with many landlords.

5. He arbitrated with the technology companies thanks to his background in software development.

6. The Chairperson arbitrated the dispute in a very formal manner.

7. A dispute between the House of Montferrat and the city of Milan got arbitrated in 1379.

8. The Olympic Committee arbitrated between international cities about hosting the games.


20 More Examples of “Arbitrate” in a Sentence


1. I refuse to arbitrate disputes between my parents.

2. The marriage counselor had to arbitrate the couple’s heated disagreements.

3. The contract states that an arbitral tribunal will have to arbitrate your dispute.

4. Sometimes it’s best to have a lawyer arbitrate a complicated divorce settlement.

5. You don’t have enough work experience to arbitrate this accounting case.

6. This college council exists to arbitrate disagreements between fraternities.

7. Parents often have no choice but to arbitrate disputes between their children.

8. I can only arbitrate this legal conflict once I hear both sides of the story.

9. This former judge should arbitrate our financial disagreement with ease.

10. Yesterday, cops had to arbitrate a work dispute between bakers of cookies.

11. I cannot arbitrate the matter because I do not have relevant experience.

12. Someone has to arbitrate between them before the situation gets worse.

13. Mr. Johnson will not arbitrate their arguments any longer.

14. The disputing parties agreed to arbitrate their dispute instead of going to court.

15. It’s time for the tribunal to arbitrate the local labor dispute.

16. You can arbitrate many disputes during Scrabble by referring to the dictionary.

17. The manager was able to arbitrate the dispute before the conflict escalated.

18. In this situation, the Secretary of State has the power to arbitrate and impose a contract.

19. We’ll arbitrate each issue one-by-one until the dispute gets settled.

20. Since you have decades of relevant experience, you’re in a position to arbitrate.


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